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Oracle: The Nuts And Bolts Of Basic Compression
Oracle provides several levels of compression, with BASIC compression requiring no additional license cost. Read on to find out how this level of compression works and what you may expect when using it. ... read more

Importance of Statistics and How It Works in SQL Server – Part 2
Arshad Ali discusses what filtered statistics are and what's new in regards to statistics in SQL Server 2012. ... read more

Managing the Big Data Technical Staff
Big data is everywhere, and most large IT enterprises have installed one or more big data applications. These applications provide fast access to large stores of data, usually customer or sales data. Your technical staff that supports these applications and ... read more

Oracle: Too Much Time On Your Hands?
Using parallel query can improve performance in some cases but AWR reports can report too much elapsed time when they are used.  Read on to see why and how you can get the actual elapsed time in those cases. ... read more

MySQL Workbench 6.2 Performance Reporting
The MySQL Workbench introduced Performance Tools in version 6.1.0 and updated them further in version of 6.2. Rob Gravelle gives an overview of MySQL Workbench Performance reports. ... read more

Unidata Developer
28 Jan 2015 -- HC-High Wycombe, We are looking for Unidata developers to join this expanding organisation in the midlands. Essentially you will have the following skills: Unidata/Universe/Multivalue programming. Uniobject experience. Great role with flexible working environment and modern offices. read more

Sales Engineer - U2 - Rocket Software - New York, NY
27 Jan 2015 -- Represent U2 products at field events such as conferences, seminars, etc. Be part of the U2 SE team, working with established ISV partners and direct customers....<br/> From Rocket Software ... read more

Programmer Analyst - Robert Half Technology - Naperville, IL
23 Jan 2015 -- 630.368.0316 CUBS, Pick Basic, JBASE &amp; D3. Robert Half Technology has an immediate need for a Programmer Analyst for a client located in the Greater Chicagoland...<br/> From Robert Half ... read more

jBase / JBC Developer
15 Jan 2015 -- HC-Hemel Hempstead, Great opportunity for a Developer with T24 / Globus / jBase / JBC / MultiValue (Pick, Universe, Unidata, Univision, D3) skills ! You MUST HAVE: T24 or Globus experience jBase or jBC or other Multivalue database development skills. ... read more

PICK/SB+ Programmer - Software Search - Philadelphia, PA
15 Jan 2015 -- We are currently seeking a PICK/SB+ Programmer for a company in the Philadelphia area. Experience with PICK (Universe or Unidata or D3 or jBase) programming<br/> From Software Search - ... read more

Eclipse based editor plug-in for Universe and Unidata
With continuous compiling you know as you type whether you code is syntactically correct. Included is code completion based ... read more

PegaSys Editor for UniData
Text Based full screen editor for UniData
From the moment PegaSys was conceived, the features, functions and utilities in PegaSys where designed to make software development easier, ... read more

UniPACK Application Packager
UniPACK Application Packager for UniData and UniVerse
Version 3.1.5 is the latest UniPack release, and addresses several internal issues.

UniPACK is a software solution that provides a method ... read more

An adaptation of the original ELIZA program. Download and show your kids.
ELIZA is an early example of primitive natural language processing. ELIZA operated by processing users' responses to scripts. ELIZA is ... read more

Star Trek
The original text based Star Trek Game
Star Trek is a text-based computer game that puts the player in command of the USS Enterprise on a mission ... read more

New Ideas
Ability to edit subvalues
It would be nice if Pegasys could also edit subvalued arrays in the same or similar maner in which it ...
Ability to add data to the end of object code or include comments in object code
I would like to see Rocket modify the compiler so that data can be placed at the end of a ...
Java Integration
Java library to support the execution of subroutines and connection pooling. The current ASJAVA API is lacking, there must be ...
Combine UniData and UniVerse documentation
I often switch between UniData and UniVerse when developing software, and I often need to jump between documentation for both ...
Support for FTP in CreateRequest
The UniData documentation states the following regarding the use of createRequest: This function can also be used later to support other ...
Financial Services Directives

The focus in this paper is on EU directives for the financial sector and what their requirements are in terms ...

Application rationalisation, retirement and archiving: why and how?

In IT terms, people want to consume applications on mobile devices, companies want to implement applications in the cloud, and ...

Test Case Generation

Since its inception, IT has been about automating business processes. However, it has been slow to apply that concept to ...

Upgrading blog soon
Yes, I know I’m running a very old version of WordPress and that it’s starting to cough up errors. This ...
D3 OSFI Explored
Access to the OS file system from D3 is possible through the OSFI – the Open System File Interface. Over ...
Since 1985, we have been designing and programming business and system applications. Here is a partial listing of the operating systems, database management systems, and operating environments that we have ... read more

The Micro Masters


The Micro Masters provide you with quality service, repairs and support. When something goes wrong with your computer and you need to get it fixed as quickly as possible, we ... read more

International Spectrum 2012 Conference

Don't miss this years International Spectrum 2012 Conference and Exhibit to be held in West Plam Beach, Florida at the PGA National Resort & Spa
... read more

U2 University 2012 in Denver, Co

U2 University 2012 will be held in Denver, Colorado, from May 8 - 10, 2012.

U2 University features the latest information about U2 products and enhancements, training, as well as ... read more

Auto Trader UK"gafoorpg2"

The UK's #1 site to buy and sell new and used cars, bikes, vans, ... read more

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Knowledge Base
'ALL' clause not recommended with 'TOXML' Clause
Rocket Software
When using the 'TOXML' clause in ECLTYPE "U" or from a program using UDTEXECUTE, you should not use the 'ALL' ... read more

UniData RPC Daemon Locked - Linux
Rocket Software
If UniData's RPC daemon stops responding, you don't have to stop and start UniData. Rather you can stop and restart ... read more

Rocket Software
UDT_SELECTSIZE What is it and what does it control?

How to confirm a UniObjects session is still alive
Rocket Software
When the UniObjects session times out, client functions will fail and the connection may lockup. You must verify that the ... read more

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