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We have susspended our weekly email news letter due to various reasons. Our main web page will still display the latest news, Jobs, and other information you are interested.

Jay LaBonte
MV Marketplace

Oracle In-Memory Database: The Bloom Filter Example Re-visited
Bloom filters can improve performance in recent Oracle releases, but Oracle provides the In-Memory Database option and using that configuration can improve performance even further.  Read on to see how the in-memory option is configured and the performance it ... read more

Backup and Restore Strategies in SQL Server – Part 2
read more

Preparing your Enterprise for Big Data
It’s difficult to simply 'drop' big Data applications into an existing IT infrastructure and expect to run smoothly. In addition to energy and cooling requirements for new hardware to support the new big data application, other IT areas need to ... read more

Entrinsik Informer Achieves High Rankings for Ease of Use, Customer Satisfaction and Price-to-Value Perception in World’s Largest Independent Survey of Business Intelligence Users

Raleigh, NC – October 15th, 2014– Entrinsik Inc. (, developer of award-winning information management software, has announced its inclusion in the 13th annual 2014 BARC BI Survey, the world’s largest independent survey of business intelligence software users. The BI Survey ... read more

Skipping Schema DML in an Oracle 11.2 Logical Standby Database
Skipping DML for one or more schemas isn't as simple as you might think.  Read on to see what steps are necessary to avoid ORA-02149 errors and keep the logical standby synchronized. ... read more

Analyst Programmer (Pick/Universe)
27 Oct 2014 -- London-London, Analyst Programmer- Pick/Universe/unidata Up to £40,000 This is a fantastic role for someone who is really good at Pick but also has an appreciation for .NET!!!! A great role has arisen, to support our clients programming and deployment of ... read more

Programmer/Analyst - Anne Arundel Community College - Arnold, MD
25 Oct 2014 -- Recruitment Number 2014000145 Department Institutional Technologies Working Title: Programmer/Analyst Job Title Programmer/Analyst Position Status 12<br/> From Anne Arundel Community College - 25 Oct 2014 00:53:08 GMT ... read more

Software Developer
24 Oct 2014 -- London-London, Software Developer Up to £40,000 A great role has arisen, to support our clients programming and deployment of software, both internally and to provide value added services to its customers. • Estimating, prototyping, developing and implementing software in a ... read more

Universe / Unidata and .Net Contractor Developer
23 Oct 2014 -- London-Middlesex, Contract Developer with MultiValue skills (preferably UniVerse or UniData) along with .Net is needed for a client in Middlesex. This is an end user client and they want someone who is used to working through an entire project lifecycle ... read more

ArcSight Implementation Engineer - Aegistech - Long Island City, NY
22 Oct 2014 -- Coat proxy platform, Data Leak Prevention, JBase systems to include their logging methods. We have over 100 open IT jobs!...<br/> From Aegistech - 22 Oct 2014 06:32:55 GMT ... read more

Eclipse based editor plug-in for Universe and Unidata
With continuous compiling you know as you type whether you code is syntactically correct. Included is code completion based ... read more

PegaSys Editor for UniData
Text Based full screen editor for UniData
From the moment PegaSys was conceived, the features, functions and utilities in PegaSys where designed to make software development easier, ... read more

UniPACK Application Packager
UniPACK Application Packager for UniData and UniVerse
Version 3.1.5 is the latest UniPack release, and addresses several internal issues.

UniPACK is a software solution that provides a method ... read more

An adaptation of the original ELIZA program. Download and show your kids.
ELIZA is an early example of primitive natural language processing. ELIZA operated by processing users' responses to scripts. ELIZA is ... read more

Star Trek
The original text based Star Trek Game
Star Trek is a text-based computer game that puts the player in command of the USS Enterprise on a mission ... read more

New Ideas
Ability to edit subvalues
It would be nice if Pegasys could also edit subvalued arrays in the same or similar maner in which it ...
Ability to add data to the end of object code or include comments in object code
I would like to see Rocket modify the compiler so that data can be placed at the end of a ...
Java Integration
Java library to support the execution of subroutines and connection pooling. The current ASJAVA API is lacking, there must be ...
Combine UniData and UniVerse documentation
I often switch between UniData and UniVerse when developing software, and I often need to jump between documentation for both ...
Support for FTP in CreateRequest
The UniData documentation states the following regarding the use of createRequest: This function can also be used later to support other ...
Defending against the rogue

NAC technologies have evolved over the past decade since their introduction and are now essential tools for ...

Shellshock Update 01-Oct-2014
(Follow-up to Shellshock1) With a pro-active response to the issue, Rocket Software has confirmed that their D3 and U2 products ...
Shellshock Bug – MUST READ
A security bug in BASH has been identified. News is spreading fast all over the internet. Details here – or ...
Choosing JavaScript frameworks, the bigger picture
It looks like I haven’t written in a long time. On the contrary, I’ve been writing a Lot, just not ...
Document Content Security

Document content security is a fast-emerging technology space that is garnering a lot of interest. The number of vendors with ...

Since 1985, we have been designing and programming business and system applications. Here is a partial listing of the operating systems, database management systems, and operating environments that we have ... read more

The Micro Masters


The Micro Masters provide you with quality service, repairs and support. When something goes wrong with your computer and you need to get it fixed as quickly as possible, we ... read more

International Spectrum 2012 Conference

Don't miss this years International Spectrum 2012 Conference and Exhibit to be held in West Plam Beach, Florida at the PGA National Resort & Spa
... read more

U2 University 2012 in Denver, Co

U2 University 2012 will be held in Denver, Colorado, from May 8 - 10, 2012.

U2 University features the latest information about U2 products and enhancements, training, as well as ... read more

Auto Trader UK"gafoorpg2"

The UK's #1 site to buy and sell new and used cars, bikes, vans, ... read more

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Knowledge Base
'ALL' clause not recommended with 'TOXML' Clause
Rocket Software
When using the 'TOXML' clause in ECLTYPE "U" or from a program using UDTEXECUTE, you should not use the 'ALL' ... read more

UniData RPC Daemon Locked - Linux
Rocket Software
If UniData's RPC daemon stops responding, you don't have to stop and start UniData. Rather you can stop and restart ... read more

Rocket Software
UDT_SELECTSIZE What is it and what does it control?

How to confirm a UniObjects session is still alive
Rocket Software
When the UniObjects session times out, client functions will fail and the connection may lockup. You must verify that the ... read more

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